Tuesday, October 6, 2009


3:10 AM, Brooklyn, New York...winter. The brand new heating system in my apartment is struggling at what seems to be the coldest damned winter since God said in the beginning "...and let there be ICE for mankind to freeze their assess off!". So as I proceed to put on my third thermal long sleeve undershirt I looked out the window on the corner of North 8th and Kent and I see what seems to be...Skaters? Nah, not in weather like this, c'mon, it's -20 degrees and the wind chill factor off the East River is nothing less than gruesome even on the most protected layers of skin! The wild thing is, these dudes were skating and grinding in skinny jeans and simple black hoodies! In that weather? Amazing!

More importantly, It was their SPIRIT that captured my imagination! Their determination to go beyond what most of us would call a "Hellish" environment. Going against the elements, pushing the boundaries of man's spirit, to kick and push when the world tries to condition you into "believing" that it's crazy and that it can't be done!

Coincidentally, I was working on a new piece that I wasn't sure what I was gonna use it for and after analyzing what those kids represented it dawned on me to use that piece as a skate deck design! Even better, create a skateboard design company that embodies my style (Fine art/Graf/Anime) on some boards! Mission to make some of the hottest boards ever made!

The company's name: "mmora™". The vision: creative immortality and the perfect cohesive mix of art on boards and the skaters who ride them!

Hello, my name is Shah Wonders and I'm the creator and founder of the mmora™ brand! This blog will serve as a place where you can check out my thought program, my creative process and also interact visually with me as to what will be the next evolutionary step in the brand! From collaborative board "Mash Up's" with fellow artist and designers to making full feature and animated films!

We at mmora™ are now in cahoots with Zazzle.com and Artsprojekt.com to give you some of the finest in skate, art and design! Now people can directly purchase mmora™ boards directly from the manufacturer! Check out the side panel to see mmora's™ winter/spring line up. It begins!

I would like to personally thank all of you Skaters, Hater's, Grinder's, Hustler's, Musicians/Producer's, Rhyme Spitter's, Biker's, Graff Writer's, B-Boy's, B-Girl's, Architect's, Film Maker's, Media Heads, Hip-Hop and Rock Lover's, Inner City Dweller's, Suburbanites, Extraterrestrials, Time Traveler's, Sneaker Heads, Tech Genius's, Taste makers, Fashion Forwarders, Check Writers and that individual at home reading this just being themselves! I couldn't do this without ya'll! (((Bowing)))

Let's go!

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