Friday, November 13, 2009

Fumi Board

So Listen, I just got finished Skype'n my people in Japan and they are very interested in how I come up the board designs, what inspires me and how does the whole creative process works...and I'm like aight, "I'll put it in my blog. Shit, more than half the time I don't even know what the hell I'm doing. Real talk, sometimes I wake up, crusty eye's and dragon breath and I'm thinking "How the hell did I create that?" Who cares though. As long as it comes out dope right! Well just to satisfy my Yakuza homeboy who would probably cut my pinky finger off for here is how it worked for the "Fumi"board!

Late night, Brooklyn, New York...probably around 1AM-ish. Tie up the Nike Dunks and head towards the Bodega with the ipizzle gripped closely, looking for the appropriate theme song for my two block trek. M.O.P. "Ante Up", MF DOOM remix...That'll do! I move through a labrinyth of trash, displaced hipsters, crack heads and the local street goons only to be met by Suliman (The bodega dude). He's singing some seemingly emotional song in his native tongue! I chime in and we laugh, I pay for my beverages and some salt and vinegar chips. While I'm en route to the door he drops some old Muslim proverb on me and I tell him "You know what? I was feelin' that one...the last one you gave me the other day, hmmm not so much. But this one...nice!" With his thick and worn hands he politely gives me a "pound" and I swiftly make moves back towards my building!

It's about 2AM now. I look around the crib and I come across this magazine and It had an article about our beloved Dapper Dan! Listen, if haven't heard of Dan...your lost! Anyway, Dan made custom Gucci, Louis, Fendi, and MCM suits and accessories for HiP-Hop's Finest and resident drug czar's!

I always wanted to slash some of my work on a Dapper Dan suit when I was a kid so when I was reading this article I was like "Damn, I could do a board using the classic Louis pattern with my work on top. Not a completely new idea but let me put my muscle on it, in the form of a board!

So I had to get myself self ready! For this design I needed two people! Ghostface "Tony Starks" Killah and MF Doom! Period! These are my "Go to Goons" and favorite emcee's when I need some extra raw inspiration!

I turned the volume up to "ridiculous" and went to work! I started with the classic Louis Vuitton color ways and checkers (which I use a lot in my work). Chose a nice bold font that I could fill easily...I forgot the name of the one I did for this piece though! Oh well. Then I proceeded to fill it with paint splashes at first but it looked forced and therefore, WACK! So as you can see I put the "camo" twist on there...Yeah, that's it baby! Still not satisfied I decided to push a little bit further. Maybe one of my characters, hmmm...Yezzziiirrr! Throw in the Jamaican flag colors for good measure and BOOM! There it is!

All this done in a matter of hours! Let's be clear, it doesn't always work this way but when you slip into the ZONE all things are possible! I'd like to thank MF Doom, Ghost, Louis Vuitton and my medulla for helping me knock this piece down! Yeah Baby!

So check the board out below and to see more boards and t-shirts come to the mmora online store! More Art and Design stuff coming soon! I'll see ya'll in a minute!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gundam x Pablo x Pink

So listen! I just got a call from my people in Tokyo's super exclusive Ami & Kawakita Brand and they went ape-shit over some early sketches I did for the sick Gundam x Pablo series for mmora™ skateboards! I will leak the pics from the boards soon! Remember where you heard and seen it first!

In addition to that, Sweden and London did backspins for the piece I did for my website, super sexy naked vixen "Pinky Wink"! She will be the first woman character to grace the new limited skateboard and T-Shirt line called "Pink Has A Posse". Which, will not only host but feature the HOTTEST AND MOST VISUALLY STUNNING WOMAN of original quality as my muse's in my signature style and detail. Be assured that everything that comes from this you will absolutely enjoy!I will be be giving a peak at different stages in the thought and creative process as it goes on!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


3:10 AM, Brooklyn, New York...winter. The brand new heating system in my apartment is struggling at what seems to be the coldest damned winter since God said in the beginning "...and let there be ICE for mankind to freeze their assess off!". So as I proceed to put on my third thermal long sleeve undershirt I looked out the window on the corner of North 8th and Kent and I see what seems to be...Skaters? Nah, not in weather like this, c'mon, it's -20 degrees and the wind chill factor off the East River is nothing less than gruesome even on the most protected layers of skin! The wild thing is, these dudes were skating and grinding in skinny jeans and simple black hoodies! In that weather? Amazing!

More importantly, It was their SPIRIT that captured my imagination! Their determination to go beyond what most of us would call a "Hellish" environment. Going against the elements, pushing the boundaries of man's spirit, to kick and push when the world tries to condition you into "believing" that it's crazy and that it can't be done!

Coincidentally, I was working on a new piece that I wasn't sure what I was gonna use it for and after analyzing what those kids represented it dawned on me to use that piece as a skate deck design! Even better, create a skateboard design company that embodies my style (Fine art/Graf/Anime) on some boards! Mission to make some of the hottest boards ever made!

The company's name: "mmora™". The vision: creative immortality and the perfect cohesive mix of art on boards and the skaters who ride them!

Hello, my name is Shah Wonders and I'm the creator and founder of the mmora™ brand! This blog will serve as a place where you can check out my thought program, my creative process and also interact visually with me as to what will be the next evolutionary step in the brand! From collaborative board "Mash Up's" with fellow artist and designers to making full feature and animated films!

We at mmora™ are now in cahoots with and to give you some of the finest in skate, art and design! Now people can directly purchase mmora™ boards directly from the manufacturer! Check out the side panel to see mmora's™ winter/spring line up. It begins!

I would like to personally thank all of you Skaters, Hater's, Grinder's, Hustler's, Musicians/Producer's, Rhyme Spitter's, Biker's, Graff Writer's, B-Boy's, B-Girl's, Architect's, Film Maker's, Media Heads, Hip-Hop and Rock Lover's, Inner City Dweller's, Suburbanites, Extraterrestrials, Time Traveler's, Sneaker Heads, Tech Genius's, Taste makers, Fashion Forwarders, Check Writers and that individual at home reading this just being themselves! I couldn't do this without ya'll! (((Bowing)))

Let's go!